From the arid desert of Iraq to a high level of university education, I’ve been always searching for my true destiny. This is what took me to 5+ years of incessant mentorship to learn the mechanics of the mind…


I teach poker players elite level mental game. ♠️

Conrad Donovan playing 2-5 NL at the Venetian, in 2014

I started playing poker in 2004 shortly after the “moneymaker” boom started. I have continued to play poker on-and-off since then. I play poker recreationally, but my main interest is in coaching. I enjoy helping others more than spending 40+ hours a week a the poker table.

Anyway, let me tell you a little more about me….

I completed a tour in Iraq in 2005 in the army as a helicopter electronics technician, and aside from that I was a ‘weekend warrior’ for 7 years. I also earned my PhD in Engineering at Washington State University in 2012.

I’m an ‘outside the box thinker’, and always had the ability to find solutions that many other people overlook.

I’ve always had the ability to break down complex things into simple ones. I believe in keeping things simple and efficient. I think Bruce Lee said it best,

[Gung Fu’s] techniques are smooth, short, and extremely fast; they are direct. to the point, and are stripped down to their essential purposes without any wasted motions. Simplicity is the key word in this art — to do the utmost in the minimum motion and energy... 
Bruce Lee

I decided to become a Poker Mindset Coach after studying the Mind & Hypnotherapy for many years. I trained under multiple spiritual masters, including a Yogic Master for 5 years.

Listen. There is nothing magical about the stuff that I teach. It’s like the law of gravity, it just works, and if you follow the teachings I lay out in my courses and 1 on 1 coaching, you can improve your poker mental game to an elite level given enough time.

If you are serious about improving your poker mental game, I look forward to working with you.

Keep Hustling,

Conrad Donovan