I teach poker players elite level mental game. ♠️

I started playing poker in 2004 and I have continued to play poker on-and-off since then. I've always had a deep love for the game.

A few notable things in my life, besides being a Degenerate gambler are...

  • I completed a tour in Iraq in 2005.
  • I earned my PhD in Engineering at Washington State University in 2012.
  • And lastly, I trained under multiple spiritual masters, including a yogic master for 5+ years. This has lead to me a deep understanding of the mind and hypnotherapy.

Conrad Donovan playing 2-5 NL at the Venetian, in 2014

I was always a losing poker player my entire life. I lost 5 figures lifetime, up until recently... when I started applying the hypnotherapy techniques that I learned over the last 5 years to poker.

And in a short time my results were significantly improved.

I went from a losing player, to making 10K profit in under 4 months.

If I can do this anyone can...

Me cutting up my local poker table, after applying these teachings. After being a losing poker player for my entire life, I made 10k profit in under 4 months.

I'm not going to tell you it's all rainbows & unicorns either, there is a lot of work involved. But the payoff is worth the effort, IMO.

There is nothing magical about the stuff that I teach. The law of attraction works. Even the CIA talks about how thoughts create your own reality in this document, in the patterning section.

Under my guidance I'll help you

  1. Apply LAW OF ATTRACTION techniques to your life
  2. Help you set achievable poker GOALS
  3. I'll also help you UPROOT negative past memories and thought patterns, and REPLACE them with newly formed positive ones.

If you do this work the way it's intended, you'll have massive positive changes to your poker results.

Are you ready to get started? It begins by taking action. Go to my coaching page and fill out the questionnaire for a free consultation. My coaching isn't for everyone, we'll see if it's a good fit when we talk.

Check out my 1 on 1 coaching page, for info on how to start working with me...

Talk to you soon,

Conrad Donovan