Author: Conrad Donovan

What Can Poker Players Learn From MMA Fighter Justin Gaethje

Poker is a sport. It’s not physically demanding like MMA, but it requires the same level of mental composure. I would argue it actually requires more mental composure because MMA fights only last a maximum of 25 minutes, while poker tournaments can last multiple days. It’s like comparing apples to oranges in a way, because […]

Why I Try To Avoid the Words Upswing & Downswing At All Times…

A pendulum that swings up, must also swing down. It’s just how the system works. Any use of the word upswing will imply an inevitable downswing. Because the two are interlinked. It’s like a marriage. I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of an infinite upswing. The universe is allegedly expanding at an increasing rate, which […]

How Can Hypnosis Be Used To Improve Your Poker Results?

The use of hypnosis or hypnotherapy can be used to improve the results of any performance based activity. Poker is just another sport, although it doesn’t rely on physical abilities, it’s mostly mental. Because your performance in poker relies so much on what happens in the mind, the use hypnosis or hypnotherapy techniques can have […]