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LACK of Money is the Fu*king Root of All Evil

How many times have you heard, “money IS THE root of all evil.” Many people get this from various sources, but the main source I’ve heard this is from the bible. More specifically this quote:

For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

Timothy 6:10 King James Version (KJV)

Even if you are religious, there are TWO main issues with taking this quote literally

  1. The Bible was written by people that aren’t perfect. Who knows if they actually got the quotes 100% accurate.
  2. Even if you accept the quote was 100% accurate, the real meaning may have been lost in translation, since the original version was NOT written in English
  3. Even if you make the giant leap of faith the first 2 things are accurate…You should still live by your own code. Meaning do what you think is right AT ALL TIMES not what someone else tells you to do.

What I think is meant by this Bible quote is, GREED is the root of all evil. Greed and SELLING YOUR SOUL for money are the REAL roots of all evil, not money. Money is a beautiful thing, it allows you to do the things you want without being bogged down by financial constraints.

More on that later, but first I want to continue to talk about this bible quote that I’ve heard people say over the years. The people that say that shit, never had money for themselves. How many rich people have said, ‘money is the root of all evil’? I haven’t found one yet! It’s broke asses and lazy people who may be jealous or never achieved anything for themselves.

While I do respect Monks or other spiritual people who have denounced money and possessions. I think it’s


to achieve your goals and dreams. I firmly believe that you always GET BACK WHAT YOU PUT OUT. So if you’re a Monk, and put out nothing, you get a lot of nothingness back. Maybe nothingness is what you are striving for, and I won’t judge you if that’s the case, but I think that there are more fulfilling ways to live life.

I want to go back to this ‘money is the root of all evil’ quote again, because I still haven’t covered the main reason why I brought it up.

What you hear from others, gets put into your subconscious mind. So if you’ve heard this growing up or as an adult, it’s important to clear it out of your mind.


It’s this kind of BS, that my 8 Week Poker Mind Cleanse course is all about. It’s about removing these weeds that may have been planted in you at a young age and are still there impacting your financial independence.

Because if you’re playing poker and this Bullshit is playing somewhere in the back of your subconscious mind, it may block you from successes that you might have otherwise achieved, such as winning tournaments or having better win rates in general.

Because what I’ve discovered is that without financial independence, you aren’t truly free, because you can’t do the things you want. For some people FI might be 2K a month, for others it might be 200K a month. It all depends on what YOU want, your ‘true self’, and not what you think others want you to have.

As a side note, there was one study done by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, that showed emotional well-being, rises up until about 75K / Yr and then it plateaus after that. Meaning, once basic needs were met, you don’t achieve much additional happiness beyond that.

For me personally, I like to live by the


motto. Because we can’t take our possessions with us, but we can take our memories. And when I went cheap on certain things in the past, I’ve always REGRETTED IT LATER. And that’s another reason to have an ample amount of money, so you’re not forced to make


This ties into the title of this article….’LACK of money is the root of all evil’, because it’s EVIL to be forced to do these trade-offs. And I don’t think anyone should have to do that.

Anyway, getting back to clearing your subconscious mind. Once you can clear your mental weeds, you will discover that some things you thought you wanted, weren’t true desires, but rather you trying to


Because many people haven’t done the spiritual work on themselves, they place too much importance on their net worth’s.

This lack from within is the reason,


…to some people. When you have this lack from within, no amount of wealth is ever enough. I don’t know if it’s because the training I went through or not, but I can see this clear as day from some wealthy people I watch in videos. Despite having 10s of Billions, they still feel uncomfortable within themselves. This feeling of lack is still there. Unless you’re the richest person alive (1 out of 7 billion people), there will always be someone with more money.

And even THE RICHEST PERSON, can compare himself to others, with things like real estate and simply control or power over others.

After spending years working on myself and my mind, I discovered that wealth didn’t matter to me nearly as much as it used to. And to add to that, almost nothing really matted as much. I guess it’s a part of becoming ‘enlightened’ although I really don’t like that word. 😀

It will be a good day for me when a successful poker player takes my course and afterwards decides to QUIT poker. Not because I want poker players to quit, but because that’s how powerful my course is, it has the potential to reveal your true subconscious desires, and for some that may mean hanging up the poker gloves, and pursuing other endeavors.

But I only continue to make money on the Hypnotic Poker business when players stay around because I offer monthly coaching and will launch a group membership at some point, so I’m clearly incentivized for poker players to continue playing. My goal is to bring these poker players mental game to an elite level.

I want to finish this article talking about


 to achieve your financial dreams. Manifestation always goes like this. It goes in this order…

  2. WORDS

Taking action is what completes the manifestation. That means….

  • Putting in your time at the poker tables, or online poker rooms.
  • Putting in the hours studying poker theory
  • Putting in time going over your hands
  • Putting in the hours working on yourself, clearing your mental weeds and planting fruit trees

Doing these things will bear fruits for you for the years to come. Regardless of what happens to poker over the coming years or decades, there will ALWAYS be people at the top making A LOT of money. And you could be one of them, if you aren’t already are. Playing poker is one way to achieve your financial

Keep Hustling,

Conrad Donovan

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