Pay Attention To Your Dreams

Your dreams & day dreams, can offer you a window into your subconscious mind. They may give you access to memories in the past, or previous lives. They may also give you access to future events that you haven’t yet manifested. I really try to avoid the words ‘events’ or ‘experiences’ because they refrain from existing. They only exist as memories or future projections, since the current moment is all that ever exists and all that ever will, at least on this planet. I believe in the spirit world that time and space don’t exist as everything is infinite, but that’s a topic of another article.

First let’s talk about how dreams can give you access to


When you dream your conscious mind is at a much lower energy state. This allows your subconscious mind to take over an even greater share of your brain. The subconscious mind is already operating the lion’s share of your brain’s computing power, but while you are asleep it uses even more, and your conscious mind is using less.

As your subconscious mind takes on a greater share of your brain’s computing power, you can have a clearer picture of what’s really going on in there. For example, if you dream about a memory from the past, let’s say you got 2nd in a big buy in tournament 5 years ago, then that tells you that you still haven’t pulled that mental weed in your subconscious mind. It needs to get pulled or it’s possible you can keep


Why would you potentially manifest it over and over? You are unconsciously and subconsciously manifesting what you really think about yourself. It’s the ego telling you, that you are “not good enough,” “not smart enough,” or something along those lines, and the ego is telling you, “See….I told you.”

I will give you a tool that I designed called the Memory Transmutation Protocol™ that I use to clear my own mental weeds. That is, transmute them from negative to positive.

I want you to close your eyes and think about the memory. Now I want you to re-frame the memory, or re-imagine it happening in a different positive way. While you think about the old memory say to yourself out loud, “I let go of this memory,” and while you are re-imagining the memory say to yourself, “I bring in love, light and happiness.” And keep doing this until the memory is cleared.

Anyway, you now have the tools you need to clear you own subconscious weeds. When you wake up, pay attention to your dreams and try to recall what occurred during them. If a negative memory pops up, this is a prime candidate for a weed that needs to get pulled.

I’m going to tell you a story. When I first started doing these techniques, I recalled a memory when I was 4 years old and climbed up a tree and fell about 15 feet. I recently talked with my Mom about it and she still had a picture of my bruised face from me falling.

I did these techniques on my memory of falling down from the tree. Three days later, my Dad texted me that there was a huge storm in Missoula, where I fell off this tree and same tree I used to climb was uprooted from the storm! This was 30 years after I fell down the tree!

Once this happened, I realized that this was likely was not a coincidence because it was only 3 days after I did the techniques. When you watch movies like the Matrix, you realize that life could just be a giant simulation. While I don’t subscribe to the simulation idea I don’t rule it out either. In short, I’m a mentalist. Mentalism is my ‘religion,’ if you want to call it one. What I mean by that is the universe is a mental construct, or at the very least, it’s a result of manifestations from the collective consciousness. Reality as we see it could just all be in our head, it’s hard for me to say what reality really is, since I don’t know. But what I can say is that we have the power to manifest the things we want by focusing on them. And we also have the ability to clear our subconscious blocks that are holding us back from our successes and manifesting the things we do want.

Our ability to manifest is the fundamental rule of the law of attraction.


Anyway, getting back to your Dreams. They give you a window into your subconscious and unconscious mind. We haven’t yet talked about the future. You may have dreams where you dream about future happenings. If any of these are negative, you should take note. And instead of using the word memory in the protocol, substitute it for the word ‘thought.’ For example, instead of saying, ‘I let go of this memory,’ I would say, ‘I let go of this thought…..and I bring in love, light and happiness.’

When you clear these weeds, you should also think about the first time. For example, if think about the first time you lost a poker tournament. If you can clear the first time it happened, that will often times be the most important weed to pull, because it will prevent it from reoccurring. I’m not suggesting that you will never lose a poker tournament again, but at least by using these techniques you will remove blocks that may prevent you from achieving stronger results.

Getting back to dreams. Your dreams, can also give you access to future lives, past lives, and parallel lives. If you want to learn more about past lives, I suggest you check out the book ‘Journey of Souls, by Dr. Michael Newton.’ Or alternatively, ‘Many Lives Many Masters’ by Brian Weiss, MD.

The last thing I want to talk about is your day dreams. Your day dreams offer a glimpse into your unconscious & subconscious mind also, and you should pay attention to those as well. All of the same topics I covered in this article apply to day dreams in the exact same way. The only difference between day dreams and dreams is that with day dreams, more of your conscious mind is involved. But all the same techniques can be used when clearing your mental weeds.

Keep Hustling,

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