Should You Ever Fold AA Preflop?

Some people will tell you, you should never fold AA preflop. I do in very rare circumstances, lets talk about it.

Have you ever heard the saying “Trust Your Gut?” Trusting your gut, is allowing your mind to read more deeply into what your subconscious and unconscious mind are thinking.

You may not always be aware of subtle tells your opponent may be giving off on a conscious level, but your subconscious and unconscious mind can sometimes pick it up.

If you are driving a car, you unconscious mind makes subtle adjustments to traffic and road conditions without you having to think about it.

“Trusting your gut” allows you to bring these subtle unconscious adjustments into your game. I call this intuitive play.

So getting back to the original question. Should you ever fold AA preflop?

The answer is YES I would, if my gut told me to strongly enough.

If I get a really strong gut feeling telling me that I’m not going to win this pot, then yes I would lay down AA.

I use this intuitive play, when I play blackjack and craps also. The last time I played blackjack was a couple years ago, and I remember twice I had a hard 17. If you don’t know how to play blackjack, the odds book tells you to never hit on a hard 17 or higher. I ignored the rules and hit on a hard 17, and it came a low card, and I ended up winning the pot. Then, it happened a 2nd time, when I hit on a hard 17, and I was correct. I was correct both times I ignore the what the odds tell you to do.

Was that play a mistake? Someone might say yes it was, I disagree. I think any decision that you make that ends up winning was the correct decision.

People love to criticize the winner of a poker tournament and say that he made mistakes in different spots in the tournament. If he made the “correct plays” according to these people, he may not have ended up winning the tournament.

It’s important to not confuse intuitive play with limiting or negative beliefs.

Limiting or negative beliefs may also give you a similar feeling about folding a hand. It’s of crucial to distinguish between the two, because folding a had based on a negative expected outcome is the incorrect play. A negative expected outcome is the result of a negative belief system or negative thought pattern.

I teach techniques to overcome these negative thought patters which include, MTP, affirmations, goal setting etc, but this is beyond the scope of this article.

To sum it up, if you won money, or avoided losing money, due to intuitive play and avoiding what the odds calculators tell you to do, it was a correct decision.

While folding AA preflop is a very rare occurrence for me, since I only do it about 1%-2% of the time, Yes I definitely do it.

Learn to trust your gut!

Keep Hustling,

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