Posted on August 26, 2020 by Conrad Donovan

Targetive Play Vs. Exploitative Play

I came up with the word Targetive as a better word to describe exploitative play, because exploitative play implies someone is being exploited. I'm not sure if I'm the first person to use this word in poker, but if someone else used it first it was pure coincidence. It doesn't matter to me who came up with it first, what matters is that we change the poker language for better psychological well-being. I avoid the words exploiting or "taking advantage of" in my poker teachings. These words do not put you in a good mindset, because you might subconsciously start to think you are exploiting someone, which may result in bad karma or something along those lines.

I'm not even sure targetive is a word, I know for a fact "targeting" is a word, they use it in NFL and college football all the time. Even if it's not a word, that's not going to stop me from using it, because almost everyone can understand what it means. It means, to target your opponents weaknesses. It has the same meaning as the word exploitative, but without all the negative bullshit associated with that word.

Nobody is being exploited at the table...nobody is being taken advantage of, unless there's some kind of cheating going on. But assuming there's no cheating, every player that bought into the cash game or tournament accepted the rules of the game. Nobody is being forced to play poker, it's a voluntary game.

Some people may enjoy losing, that's part of the fun. If you only won, when you gambled, that would make it a little boring wouldn't it? If someone enjoys losing, they aren't being taken advantage of are they? Regardless, you need to avoid thinking of winning and losing like this, I was just illustrating a point. In your mind, on a conscious and unconscious level, you should always believe and want to win every card session or tournament, because that'll help it manifest. Again I was just illustrating a point, that some people may enjoy losing.

Lets start using healthier word to describe what we are doing in poker, and it can only benefit those using it. And those that don't wan't to use it, can still use exploitative, I'm not trying to convince or force anyone to use this terminology. But I would caution those that do, because it may have negative consequences thinking you are exploiting or taking advantage of others.

That's if for today, happy manifesting.

I support your poker dreams.

Conrad Donovan

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