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Why I DISAGREE With Fedor Holz Mentor Eliot Roe

Nobody can argue with the success that Fedor Holz has had in poker, but was his mental coaching optimal?

Originally I was going to go through the YouTube video of Fedor Holz & Elliot Roe (from Poker Mind Coach), and discuss the things that I agree with and disagree with, but I decided it would be better to ask Elliot if he would like to do a swapcast where, I go on his channel and he come on mine, so we can discuss the similarities and differences with our poker mental game coaching approaches. I didn't receive a response after waiting 7 days, so I decided to create this video instead. 

Update: after the video was published I did get a response from one of Elliot's assistants saying he was swamped, so thank you for the response, so maybe we can do the swapcast in the future. 

I would never claim that I know everything about poker mental game coaching, and always open to learn new things, which is why I think sharing ideas is important.

As a side note,


since a lot of the word's greed and other issues are created by people still dealing with their childhood traumas and other issues. If everyone could go through the 5+ years of mental game training I went through, the world would be a much better place. The more mental game coaches the merrier in my book.

Lets get back to video... I decided instead of going through the entire video, I wanted to go over ONE THING I disagree with, and leave the rest for if we have a swapcast in the future. Let's get to it.

At 53:17 of the original video, found on the Poker Mind Coach youtube channel, Fedor asks Elliot what are the most effective ways to prepare mentally for an event.

Elliot says direct visualization and also visualizing the problems and difficulties, and how you'll respond to them if they come up.

I agree with the visualization part, that's a big part of my training also. In fact, I agree with the majority of what Elliot teaches. Removing psychological blocks from childhood can have a tremendous effect on someone's performance.


 visualizing the problems and difficulties and how to respond to them.

Whatever you expect to happen, usually does. This is the law of attraction. One of the fundamental things that I teach is what you focus on grows. 

If you are expecting a tough fight, or expecting losing 80% of your chip stack or expecting a lot of upswings and downswings, then you will manifest those into existence.

This is why I teach to,


If you're getting rattled because you lose 80% of your chip stack, then that is a separate issue that needs to be dealt with, but this should not be included as part of the visualization.

See, know, feel and believe what the perfect picture is and run with that. If for some reason it doesn't happen you adjust on the fly, but you refrain from anticipating anything else.

If you are a fighter, you should focus on the result, of having your hand raised after the fight is over. The result is the only thing that matters.

In poker, you should visualize winning the tournament. That is the perfect picture.

There's a reason I never use the word upswing in any of my affirmations, because it implies a downswing. 

I wasn't able to find any big touranment wins for Fedor the last couple years, so not sure what's going on there, but if these "problems and difficulties" are programmed into his subconscious mind, it may be a reason for this. Sometimes it takes years to manifest what you put into your mind. 

If you look at cumicon's Online PLO chart, he took almost nothing, to winning 7 million in profit over 5 years. It's almost a strait line up, with only tiny dips.

Cumicon's Online PLO chart

If you're interested watching his interview, he appeared on Joe Ingram's YouTube channel here.  

If you refrain from anticipating these struggles and downswings, it's much less likely they will ever manifest.

That wraps up this article, 

Keep Hustling,

Conrad Donovan

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